Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What stresses you?

Un-journal prompt #8
Continuing with the series of Un-journaling prompts, here's my answer to:

What stresses you?

I’ll approach this as a list. And it's a rather short one at that but the items are significant to me:
  • Missing deadlines.

  • Being late – and I’m always late, for everything: work, church, doctor’s appointments, dates, etc. Can’t seem to get myself together.

  • A junky house – so I guess I’m always stressed about this!
  • Feeling as if I’m not living my purpose in life and that time is running out to do something, make a change, find my True North, make a difference.

  • The Check Engine light on the dash of my car. That usually means an expensive repair is soon to be knocking at my wallet. For proof, see what happened to me in September!

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