Saturday, November 29, 2014

This Holiday Magic 'warms hearts' for Christmas

The holiday season is upon us and what better time to read a holiday romance. "This Holiday Magic" is out and available from Kimani Arabesque.

Celeste Norfleet, Janice Sims and I have a collection of heart-warming short stories that I hope you'll enjoy.

USA Today said this about the anthology: " Family (blood related and otherwise) and friends influence the courtships with wonderful support, honest counsel and helpful machinations to bring these sweet romances to fruition."

The collection deemed earned a four-star rating from RT Book Reviews and this comment about my novella, "A Family for Christmas": "Finding new love and uniting two families is showcased well. ... Mason's tale, in particular, features quite a bit of depth for such a short story."

"A Family for Christmas" features two single parents.

Upscale retailer Renee Armstrong moved to the suburbs to give her daughter a fresh start. She never expected to cross paths with someone like Trey Calloway, the sexy single dad living next door. With the Yuletide in full swing, will they discover the exquisite gift of a new beginning…together?
You can purchase "This Holiday Magic" from the Kimani website as an ebook or paperback or get it via your favorite book seller.

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