Friday, September 19, 2014

Drama on Interstate 64

Of all the places for a vehicle to break down, I'd vote Interstate 64 at a busy interchange not one of the ideal places.

But that's what happened to me Thursday. I heard a pop -- like the sound of a Ping Pong ball hitting a window -- and then lights and warnings started flashing on the dash. STOP ENGINE NOW freaked me out so I pulled over and did just that. Grabbed everything I could and hopped out of the car -- and almost into traffic zooming by.

I have AAA, so that was no worry. Being on the side of that particular stretch of road was. Since just the night before a police officer and a firefighter were hit while assisting a motorist on the side of a local road. I decided I'd rather risk getting bit by ticks than hit by a semi or someone sending a text while zipping along at 70 mph. So I climbed over the guard rail and made my call and the wait for a tow in the grass.

East-bound view

Looking west bound
I'll be gracious and spare you the, er, let's just say irritated selfie that I took.

By the way, the wheels are up and running again. Thank you, Chris, Wally and Mr. Dalton!