Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Celebrating Summer

A little exercise last week had me contemplating how summer is celebrated. I came up with a comparative then and now list.


  • Go camping with Girl Scouts. Go camping with YMCA. Go camping with church group.

  • Play outside.

  • Walk barefoot – just about everywhere except church and while picking blackberries.

  • Swimming – at the neighborhood pool; and at the shore in Cape May on vacation.

  • At least three trips to Kennywood Park (amusement park outside Pittsburgh) for rollercoasters.

  • Shorts and flipflops and watermelon and playing jacks on grandma’s front porch.

  • Popsicles!

  • Plant flowers; watch the garden grow.

  • Some sort of car trip.

  • Read books in the library’s summer reading program.


  • Look at the calendar and wonder how it got to be summer! Wasn’t Christmas just last month???

  • Vow to be swimsuit ready by Labor Day. (yeah, right!)

  • Remind myself not to complain about the 90-100 degree heat because I complained about the winter’s cold.

  • Fret that I’m going to miss summer.

  • Plant flowers; tend to yard.

  • Head to the beach!

  • Read books in the library’s summer reading program.


  • Hmm, I see a theme! :)

How do you celebrate summer?

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