Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Picture Prompt 5

The set-up: A pretty summer day. A porch with plenty of cozy rockers. This image was taken in central Virginia.

Now for the fiction: What might disturb or alter the peaceful scene? Who or what will be occupying those chairs soon? What happens on this porch?


  1. I love this photograph! It puts me in that lemonade and a great book mode. Ah....serenity.

    What can disturb or alter the peaceful scene? A dog chasing a squirrel. A vehicle backfiring as it passes the lane to the house from a nearby traffic artery. The honk of a horn announcing the arrival of visitors. A spirited game of checkers by Grandpa and his pals as they grab seats on the porch.

  2. Nice. And, yes, J, it's a very serene image! Thanks for posting!