Thursday, December 12, 2013

Discussion: A space to be creative

Last week I showed you some of the spaces where I create. Now, it's your turn. Post below in the comments about where you write or create. What's your process? Do you need a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of wine at the ready? Do you write longhand with a pen or pencil using a leather-bound journal or a spiral notebook? Can you write at home or do you need to be out and about in public?

I'm a cafe writer. The music from the sound system, the whizz and churr of coffee and espresso machines, the chatting of other patrons all falls away as background noise. The white noise of a writer's creative space.

A writer pal used to get on HRT, the public bus system in Hampton Roads. With her pad and pen and the motion of the bus, she'd ride around for hours writing and people watching. That was where she could be most creative.

What and where is your own space to be creative?


  1. No comments yet: I will. One end of my living room is really my "office/studio", computer, printer, telephone, desk to hold the clutter, book cases to hold more clutter, wastebasket (a very necessary accessory) many pens, notebooks, papers. It's a bit messy...but a lot of creating happens on summer morning walks on the beach, when I'm driving somewhere or listening to music -- the "what-it" part.

    1. Same here, June. Especially when driving. That has always relaxed me. There's something about the open road and the trees that sparks inspiration and creativity.