Friday, November 15, 2013

Writing Prompt Friday #2

It's Friday! In case you missed the first installment of Writing Prompt Friday, each week (on Friday!) I'll post some writing prompts. Use them to create a short story, a poem, an entry in your journal. Maybe a song comes to mind or some other piece of creative art. Whatever the case, just write!

Here are your prompts to get you going.

Conflict: saving the ranch/building a resort

Conflict: winning the election/the secret arrest record

Conflict: a malicious ex is now the hero’s or heroine’s boss

Conflict: a $20 bar bet turns into a $20,000 debt

Conflict: a seeming coincidence is anything but that

Challenge: Write a scene using only one-syllable words.

Challenge:  Write a scene using only two-syllable words.

Challenge: Kill off a character.

Challenge: Create an animal that looks like a dog, but is really something else entirely.

Challenge:  Create a language that only your characters speak.

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