Thursday, November 14, 2013

Writing Prompt Friday - #1

Writing and you're stuck? Need something to kickstart that story or scene? Here's a little gift from me to you: writing prompts. Look for new writing prompts every Friday -- a little something to propel you into that weekend of writing! Since we're kicking this off on a Thursday, consider this a bonus set. 

How to use these 
If you're writing fiction, pick a prompt or two or more, and use in your story.

If you're keeping a journal, choose the prompts that speak to you and see where the pen or the keyboard strokes take you.

If you've always wanted to write a novel or a short story and you didn't know where to begin, this is your permission to start!

Look for new prompts tomorrow morning and every Friday.

Ready to start writing? Here are your first set of prompts:

Main character says: I just want one more chance to …

Main character says:  I wish I had enough money to …

Main character says:  When I’m lonely, I …

Main character says:  I never wanted to …

Main character says:  I wish I didn’t have to …

Convergence:  earthquake, snake, quick

Convergence:  snip, slip schlep

Convergence:   messy, mission, mosaic

Convergence:  shed, elevator, typewriter

Convergence: son and Sun

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