Thursday, November 14, 2013

Welcome to my From the Heart blog


I'm so glad you found me here. Welcome to From the Heart. Why that name? Years ago, before the Internet became the powerhouse it is today, I produced a quarterly (or so) newsletter that I sent to readers. Yes, sent, as in snail mail. It was called From the Heart. I'll aim to find and scan some of those old newsletters to share with you what it was like "back in the day."

And I can actually speak to something being back in the day. 2014 will bring a very special anniversary for me. 2014 marks 20 years since my first book was published!

Twenty years?! Yes, I hear you exclaiming that it can't have possibly been that long ago that Kendra and Malcolm came onto the scene in "For the Love of You." But it was 1994, with the launch of the Arabesque line from Kensington Publishing that my first novel came to be. And I'm marking that anniversary with two very special releases.

In February 2014, Dafina Books will publish "Hidden Riches," and in May 2014, Love Inspired will publish "The Fireman Finds a Wife." These are two very different types of stories, one a family saga and one an inspirational romance. More on those in a bit, including some excerpts!

For this first post, which also has some timely significance, I'd like to make a promise to you. This blog will beabout more than what I'm writing and/or publishing. It will feature the things that make me happy: books I'm reading, music I'm enjoying, crafts I'm completing ... and of course, writing information.

As for the significance of this blog being launched this week -- it's the anniversary of getting The Call. That call would be when an editor called to say she wanted to buy my first book. It happened the week of Veterans Day in November 1994.


  1. This is wonderful, Felicia! Congrats on EVERYTHING! So lucky to have had you as me editor and truly blessed to have you as a friend. Looking forward to keeping up with you through your blog. -- Beverly

  2. You've worked hard and put out some wonderful work. 20 years??? AMAZING!!! Rock on.

  3. It's hard to believe it's been that long! Sometimes it seems like just a few years ago.